Reserve Return Equipment Form

Announcement and Guidelines

Announcement: Equipment Return Dates:

Status Due Date
Wintermester 2021 only January 21, 2022
Registered only for Spring (16 Week) and Spring Flex I & II 2022 May 13, 2022
TSI Exam Check Out Due in 2 Weeks
Note: All loan equipment must be returned at the end of each term and renewed for the upcoming term.

Equipment Return Guidelines:

  1. Equipment MUST be returned by the specified due date.
  2. If equipment is lost or stolen, a police report must be filed. Please contact San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) at 210-207-7273, Alamo Colleges Department of Public Safety (DPS) at (210) 485-0099 and Office of Technology Services (OTS) at (210) 486-0030 to report the stolen property. In addition, a case number or a copy of the report MUST be forwarded to the Office of Technology Services, Service Center department: or via mail: San Antonio College-Office of Technology Services department. Attention: OTS Service Center. 1819 N. Main Ave, San Antonio, Texas 78212. For questions, please call (210) 486-0030.
  3. Equipment should be returned in proper working condition without any physical damages.
  4. All use of the equipment must comply with C.1.9 Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (Policy).
  5. Return receipts will be emailed to your Alamo Colleges Email Address via the ACES portal (Example: or ). If you have not received a return receipt to your email address within 48 hours of equipment return, please contact our OTS Service Center at 210-486-0030 to request a copy. Return receipt serves as a proof for equipment return, please save a copy.
  6. Please complete a separate Loan Equipment Return Form for each piece of loaned equipment.


Note: Once you select the Submit Form button, you will receive an email to your ACES email address (for example: or The email will contain return equipment instructions. For questions, please contact the Helpdesk at 210-486-0777.